Points of Interest

As we are taking the slow road (RT 66) we intend to take in as many of the local sites as possible.

Micro Breweries offer a great chance to meet local folks and get take on the local craft beer scene and fill our growlers with the nights refreshment. The perfect way to arrange a visit is to choose lodging close to the brewery. Often these small breweries and brew pubs are owner/operator  type of affairs so you get to meet the struggling entrepreneurs and talk beer and local culture.

Roadside America – this term named after the book and subsequent website and refers to “offbeat tourist attractions” such as the worlds largest T-pot, ball of string or rocking chair, a strange museum or shop. Route 66 includes a wealth of these kitschy sights and we plan to visit many of them including a visit to at least one of the wig-wag hotels (each room is a cement teepee!) .

Espresso Bars

Ghost Towns

Car Museums

Other Alfisti


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