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Day 13 – Seligman AZ to Pasadena CA

After escaping from the Stagecoach Motel we checked out a bit of “downtown” Seligman and discovered some interesting souvenir shops and even some proper espresso at Historic Seligman Sundries. Also historic, across the street we discovered an Alfa Spider up on blocks at the Romney Motel. We discovered it’s been there for several years. The … Continue reading

Day 12 – Holbrook AZ to Seligman AZ

Our night was spent in the Globetrotter Lodge in Holbrook AZ. Our original plans were to stay in the wig-wam motel but found it booked and upon a closer inspection to the wig-wam when we arrived we were glad it was booked up. The Globetrotter is owned by a two couples form Austria who moved … Continue reading

Day 11 – Albuquerque NM to Holbrook AZ

The Monterey Motel in Albuquerque NM is a very clean and well kept place to stay. The two elderly owners who emigrated from Poland quite a few years ago who run things very strictly are quite nice after all and keep an excellent motel – but smokers be warned – you are not welcome! As … Continue reading

Day 10 – Tucumcari NM to Albuquerque NM

As we were packing the cars, the owners of the Safari Inn asked us to pose our cars under their sign for a few photos. Perhaps in years to come we will be part of some advertising material? Before departing this fairly desolate motel town we enjoyed a authentic Mexican inspired egg breakfast then posed … Continue reading

Day 8 – Tulsa OK to Elk City OK

The best thing about staying at the shabby Desert Inn is that it’s walking distance from a fantastic breakfast spot: Tally’s Cafe. The quality of the food is great and the service is very friendly and efficient. The owner, who introduced himself telling us he emigrated from Lebanon 25 years ago, notice we were tourists … Continue reading

Day 7 – Carthage MO to Tulsa OK

The night at Boots Court was a pleasant one although there’s not much to do in the town of Carthage since much of the local shops are shuttered and there is an air of hard-times that permeates the area. The Courthouse is a massive and ornate structure that sits in the center of what was … Continue reading

Day 6 – Cuba MO to Carthage MO

After a previous day of driving in quite intense heat we decided to have a slightly later start this day starting off with a well needed wash of the Giulia. As soon as she was shining again we decided to pose her in front of several of the many wall murals that adorn the small … Continue reading

Day 5 – St. Louis MO to Cuba MO

We only covered about 85 miles this day as we decided to take in the sights of St. Louis and the surrounding area. Our first attraction was also our official start of the Route 66 drive. Just east of the Mississippi river and the Missouri border is the Chain Of Rocks Bridge. This early Route … Continue reading

Day 4 – Indianapolis IN to St. Louis MO

The huge storm we just missed the night before was still with as we as we awoke in “Indy”. Storms were forecast for the entire day – but, as we are all auto enthusiasts, we had to stop off at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Not so much fans of the oval we headed into the … Continue reading