Route 66 is magic. Route 66 is iconic. Route 66 is an echo from the past when ‘tomorrow’ (which is ‘today’ now) was a time to look forward to.

Everything would get better, the future was where we all wanted to go. And today, some of us want to go back to those days. Life was not always easy but at least it was simple and easy to oversee. Traveling Route 66 is a way to revive those days.

To do so in a classic car, and for us: in a classic Alfa Romeo, makes the experience a lot more exciting. On several occasions we’ve done some other road trips via Alfa; The Blue Ridge Mountains, The Historic Lincoln Highway and The Three Men and a Giulia trip from California to New York in 2011.

2013 is the year to explore Route 66. We start from eastern New York, pick up the Mother Road in St. Louis and take it to the end in Santa Monica. We then will drive north along the coast, ending in Sonoma, where we will attend the AROC National Alfa Romeo Convention.

We want to share our experiences and we are open to meet-up with other Alfa Romeo, Italian car or Route 66 enthusiasts. Those with classic Alfas are also welcome to travel with us, either for a short distance or a major part; but there are some things

you should know of before following along:

  • Driving in a caravan is not necessary.  The points-of-interest along the route (museums, historical bridges, gas stations, Route 66 shops, tourist traps, national or state parks and unexpected swims in a river, etc.) are almost unlimited. Everyone can pick his or her own points of interest. There’s no reason for waiting for each other as we can meet again at the next stop or even at the end of the day – this does not mean that we cannot drive together for many miles if you like.
  • As for drinking, eating, sleeping and toilet breaks: we certainly will stop at a variety of local craft breweries for some samples. Some of us are vegetarians, so restaurants with at least some choice of vegetarian items prevail. We also like to have a cup of good local coffee/espresso. This can be more time-consuming than just hitting a Starbucks. We normally do not pre-book our accommodations as its hard to estimate our progress that exactly.  We usually find a place to stay and make reservations at a 3pm break. On some occasions we might end up at a dull chain motel without character. Sometimes will stay at a quirky wigwam or classic Route 66 motor-court if we are able.  Value for money is leading in our choice so we will be avoiding high-priced hotels .
  • Depending on our progress we might be forced to skip items from our wish list. Previous trips tended to end up in a race against the clock, so we’d like to avoid that kind of pressure.
  • Each driver should only do the speed he feels comfortable with and should ensure that his classic Alfa is road-trip worth. In case we think we’re not making enough progress we might hop on the Interstates a few times. The Giulia has proven to manage high speeds for a long stretches easily and that’s what we will do if necessary.
  • Obviously every driver is responsible for his own actions and is expected to obey all traffic laws. Get your kicks on RT66 and just don’t blame us if you get caught!


People who meet-up or drive along with us need to be aware that we can not organize anything on their behalf. We can not book accommodations, and can not give any binding advice or directions as we sometimes get lost too.  We may not be able to stop for breakdowns or accidents and we are not liable for any damage, injury, violations, tickets or oil leaks!


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