Day 3 – Berlin OH to Indianapolis IN, pictures

Yesterday (Day 3, June 25th) when we left Berlin Ohio it was hot again, temperatures were in the 80’s (for the Dutch readers: above 30′ C). The day before we had to wait a long time to spot a few of the typical Amish horse-and-buggies, yesterday they were all over the town. This is America’s largest Amish community and even far outside Berlin there’s still the need to keep an extra eye on the road as a buggy might suddenly appear around the corner.

For me, as a Dutchmen, the number of killed animals (like racoons and deer) alongside the road is a bit shocking, at the same time the fact you don’t see them that much in Holland means that we have less wildlife left.

We’ re in Indianapolis now, the weather  forecast shows some severe storms. This might slow us down, we’ll see. We will start with a visit to the Indianapolis Motorspeedway Museum.


4 thoughts on “Day 3 – Berlin OH to Indianapolis IN, pictures

  1. Hi,

    Enjoy the heat Dink! Overhere we’ve had a cold night (with frost in the Eastern part…), but we might be surprised by some beautiful sunsets, due to the fires in Colorado…

    Time to get a vegetarian Dink? 🙂


  2. You probably won’t believe the number of armadillo roadkill you see in MO, KS, OK, TX!! They are like armored rats, and slow ones at that!!!

  3. Ciao amici alfisti!
    Nice to see you’re enjoying your new adventure through Rote 66!
    The idea of a Giulia covering such a long journey is something enjoyable for an Alfista heart! Hope everything is going well.
    I’m waiting for the updating on your trip.
    And thanks for keeping the Alfa soul alive through US!
    Tanti saluti
    A presto

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