Dinky goes dental

It’s been a good idea to arrive in the US a couple of days before the real start of the Route 66 adventure. I (Dink) would have time to get used to the time difference and to deal with unexpected events. And yes, they did occur. About a week ago I went to see my dentist because of a vague annoying feeling in my upper jaw. One of my teeth was sensitive to temperature. After the treatment everything seemed to be fine. Until the night before my flight from Amsterdam to New York. I hardly slept because of the pain.

After an otherwise perfect flight I told Fred, who picked me up at JFK, I needed to see a dentist again. I expected the pain to grow rapidly, which would ruin the trip. Not only for me but also for Beverley and Fred who would have to deal with someone in pain all the time.

Luckily within the New York Alfisti scene Fred knows Dr. Colleen Catera, West Babylon, Long Island and we were welcome for an urgency appointment on Friday June 21st. And there I was, sitting in an American dentist’s chair. Well, it’s all part of the adventure!

It turned out a root channel needed to be treated. I hoped Fred would have taken some pictures for this blog, but he ran away… There will be not much beer tasting for me the next week as I’m on antibiotics.

But otherwise I’m fine, thank you very much doctor Catera!

My recently purchased laptop caused another problem. I could not get onto the internet because there was no option to connect through wi-fi. And that’s quite essential to write on this blog.  After browsing too many settings menus, help files and how-to websites purchasing an USB wi-fi adapter seemed to be the best option.

Today we explored Connecticut with Fort Trumbull and the Submarine Museum in New London, tomorrow the bigRoute 66 adventure really begins! Can’t wait…


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