Bagging for less

Bag and backpack

Dink’s bags

As mentioned earlier we definitely have to save on weight and volume. Especially because one of the crew members is female, which means we will have to stow like six extra pairs of shoes. Girls…  ~sigh~  😛

Purposely for this cross country trip I bought a Samsonite softbag from the paradiver series. With its length of 55 cms/21.5 inches it can be used as cabin luggage when travelling by air. Not this time though, because there is my backpack too.

The softbag is sound, water resistant and has one large compartment and some small ones. No wheels or large handles, the outer size/storage space rate is very efficient. Some subtle punching will help to fit it into the trunk of Giulia, even when this is loaded with shoes for every occasion…

All breakable stuff like cameras, chargers, etcetera will go into my backpack.

It’ll be a bit of a challenge to get everything needed for 3.5 weeks traveling in these two bags but I found some inspiration here.

And I have to check for stowaways before I leave…

Inspection of the bag by the cat

What’s new, pussycat?

Sanne checks out bag

Sanne checks out bag


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