Final Route 66 Trip Upgrades to the Giulia Super

The final upgrades have been finished and the Giulia is now ready to hit the highway
Modifications and changes:
Replacement steering wheel – from an earlier model of the super. Feels and looks great, although the different angle of the spokes block the fuel gauge a bit.

Break-in sticker – just for fun. – from Bertelsbeck alfaservice

Replaced the locking gas
 cap with an original bayonet style. No more worries about losing or breaking the cap key

New battery hold down – original style. – From Di Fatta Brothers alfa

Coolant recovery tank – originally dumped coolant on the ground. – From Classic Alfa

Replaced the carburetors with a set freshly rebuilt by Gordon Raymond – A stunning change. More low end torque and twice the MPG! Thanks Gordon!!
Here is the jetting for you 1600 owners:
40DCOE 24
Choke:  27
Auxiliary venturi: 4.5
Main jet: 110
Idle jet: 50F11
Emulsion tube: F16
Air corrector jet: 180
Accelerator pump jet: 35
Accelerator pump back bleed: 60
Starter 65F5

Replaced the oil leaking FISPA fuel pump with a rebuilt unit.

New “racing” 80amp alternator – less weight, more power – from Alfaholics

Dog approved.


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