The following adventuresome Alfisti are planning to make the trek across the wide-open and very warm USA to the Alfa Romeo convention in Sonoma California.  Note, most car photos are not the actual cars but used for illustration purpose only. 

Rob Rizzo
1994 164Q

I’m leaving from Long Island, NY on June 23, and  meeting up with Beverley, Fred and Hans along I-84 in New York.1994_Alfa_Romeo_164_Q_Quadrifoglio_Sedan_For_Sale_V6_Front_resize

Kathy and Michael Davias
1967 Duetto

Kathy and I are presently planning a departure from Stamford on Saturday 6/28, reaching St. Louis Sunday evening the 29th. We plan to leave the Rt 66 Journey after reaching the Mother Road Museum in Barstow on the morning of July 6th, after which we will travel north on US 395, passing east to west through Yosemite on the 7th, and on to the convention arriving late on the 8th.  Hopefully we can get together sometime between the 29th and the 6th1967_Alfa_Romeo_Duetto_Spider_For_Sale_White_resize

Neil Luciano
1981 Spider Veloce
Leaving from Long Branch, NJ Wednesday evening June 26th.  Direct routing to the Gateway Arch and jumping on the Mother Road that side of the Mississippi.

Baktash Bootorabi  –
1967 Giulia Super
I am leaving Rochester NY on 6/28 . Will drive in interstates till I catch you guys!! Picking up my brother and my girl friend in LA and head up to Sonoma.

Frank La Sala
1995 164 LS
I’m the guy sitting on the fence.  Well, I am jumping off and onto the road err driver seat., I hope. My last shift  at work is a night shift of the 20th of June, so theoretically I can leave on the 23rd. The car is a 164 and is on blocks and  I am half way through the timing belt replacement and other small fly gripes.   My plans are to  do route 66 till Flagstaff. At Flagstaff I want to visit a college buddy who has a summer-house  in the vicinity of Flagstaff. He mentioned that  we should stop by because he has a section of Route 66 on his property that the conocenti know about and ask to have pictures taken due to  his segment has a bridge over a wash. Cool.

UPDATE 6/22 – Timing belt is done. Some final work to be done but will not be completed until June 26th or later.

Fred, Beverley and Hans (Dink)  –
1973 Giulia Super
Departing from East Hampton, Connecticut on June 23rd.  Traveling via the maps published here on this site. As we have the most time we will be driving the slowest and covering the least amount of miles per day in anticipation of the rest of the participants catching up with us.


5 thoughts on “Participants

  1. Great cars!

    …as we have the most time we will be driving the slowest and covering the least amount of miles per day…

    So, equipe F+B+H have more time to dive into the rivers!!
    Time for movies Dink 🙂

    Wishing you all the best in progress!


  2. Hello Route 66ers! There’s still room on the post convention Tahoe/Motherlode Tour if you are interested. Mr. Rizzo in your group is signed up. Thought I’d mention it to all of you. Day 2 includes a late afternoon/early evening BBQ at a cabin in Lake Tahoe. It’s not listed on the official tour description. I’m co-leading the tour and hosting the BBQ. Could be a fun head start to your journey east!

    • Hey James!
      Some of have signed up for the North Coast post convention tour. Also, most are shipping the cars back east as vacation time only allows a one way drive.

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