Upgraded by accident

So late at night driving the super. Suddenly the car in front of me hits the breaks then swerves. Instantly a huge branch of a pine tree is thrust up from under that car and slams into the front of the super with a smash. Feeling sick, I pull over to feel the damage; I feel a huge dent in the hood but can’t see if the bumper or grill is smashed or anything underneath is bent or broken. Come daylight fortunately I discover it’s only the bonnet and the right side grill.

I posted  on the AlfaBB seeking a replacement hood (to save myself some $ at the bodyshop) and thanks to Keith at Alfas Unlimited I was able to find an earlier models hood (with center lift point). Since my original bonnet had 1973s cheap-o side stalk to hold the bonnet up I now also needed the center spring/support. Thanks to Fred Schueddekopp at Autostrada for selling me a very nice one. Thankfully the bodyshop had some time to cleanup, straighten and paint and turned the job around in just over a week.

In addition to the center support the early hoods benefitted with stainless trim running down the center and thicker sound deadening material so it makes a nicer sound upon closing.

The replacement right side grill was purchased from OPK parts in Germany. This remanufactured part looks OK but fits poorly and is not as well made as the original part

Other Upgrades performed over the last few weeks:
Rocker stainless trim

Aluminum radiator from Alfaholics that included a leak where the over-flow fitting is press-fit into the fill neck (repaired with some JB weld) and an overflow tank from Classic Alfa


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