Things to do

check listAs we like to share our experiences with others it was no question whether we would start a website or blog or not. In 2011 we got a lot of response on the website from the Three Men and a Giulia trip. The first one for this trip (Blogger) did not offer all the features we wanted, so we started it all over with WordPress. In smooth cooperation we built it to its present form. We hope you like it. Now that the structure and design of this website are to our liking it’s time to focus on the real preparing for this trip.

What to see

We are working on the maps now, a couple of them are already online (and still being worked on), others will follow. There’s also a lot of reading to do. By stopping at each interesting looking spot on the first days we will run out of time which might force us to skip the most important points of interest further down Route 66.

Soft bagWhat to pack

For its size an Alfa Romeo Giulia is quite spacious but because we are traveling with three people for more than three weeks, and because when driving on high altitude roads with no high-octane gas available the small capacity engine will lack power, we definitely have to keep the size and the weight of our luggage down. I will spend some time on choosing the proper size and model soft bag. A large wheeled suitcase is convenient until you try to put three of them in the trunk. Mission impossible! I’m already putting aside my oldest shirts, T-shirts, underwear and socks. After one or two days wearing on the trip I can simply throw them away. Saves weight and space (and odour) plus a visit to the laundry.

And much more

Among many other things to do: create business cards to hand out to people we encounter and who are interested in our adventure, check equipment (another camera, more or faster memory cards?), and, and, and… And that isn’t annoying at all; preparing thoroughly is part of the fun and certainly helps to get the most out of the trip itself!


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