Getting a Giulia Super ready for the trip

The Alfa Romeo 105 series of cars when they were developed in the early 60s were one of the most advanced designs for a mass-production car. Alfa was also quick to add new developments to the platform to improve the performance and driveabilty of all the cars in the 105 series of cars. The Giulia sedan was not left aside when sporting advances were developed as would be expected for a family saloon car. It is very possible that this four-door car received Alfas most detailed design attention. The seating position is much higher than other models providing a much more comfort on long drives, the shape, to the uninformed, simply looks like a box – but it was developed with the aid of a wind-tunnel to create a very low drag coefficient.  The engine and breaks were straight out of premium Alfas sports cars so stopping

and going were no problem.

So, with a total rebuild completed in the spring of 2011 – then tested on a trip from New York to California and back via the Lincoln Highway, there is little doubt that Giulia is capable of making the trip as she stands. This Route 66 trip will take us via a southern route in the heat of summer  through deserts and over mountains so some updates are worthy of doing.

At this point the following has been done since the last trip:
Rebuilt carburetors
Stainless Steel Exhaust
New performance driveshaft
Gear reduction starter
Some paint repair
Rear parcel shelf

New FISPA fuel pump
Aluminum Radiator
Silicone Hoses
Braided stainless fuel lines
High out-put alternator


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