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Welcome to Route 66 Alfa. This site was created to document a cross-country trip from New York to California taking place June  23 – July 8, 2013.  The major part of the journey will be along The Historic Route 66 – The Mother Road. A stretch of highway that moved so many Americans and is now seen as a way to travel back to a different time. Our transporter will be a vintage Alfa Romeo.

IMG_5752Route 66 terminates in Los Angeles but our goal is Sonoma California where we plan to attend the 2013 Alfa Romeo Owners Club national convention.

In a previous year our Alfa Romeo transported us via a similar but lesser known cross-country route; The Lincoln Highway. That trip terminated in Monterey California where we attended the famed Pebble Beach concourse and several other car related activities. For many road travelers Route 66 is seen as the pinnacle of historic American byways with each persons journey meaning something special for them. Our feelings on this trip are expressed in the philosophy section.

As the planing for this trip has developed several other Alfa Romeo enthusiasts (Alfisti) have expressed interest in; traveling with us for the entirety, following along for a shorter stretch, or simply meeting up with us along the way. We welcome any Alfisti to follow along or meet up with us but encourage you to peruse the entire site to be sure it’s for you . There are several ways to communicate us via the contact tab.


We hope you enjoy this site as we document our preparation and eventually set off. Frequent updates from several of the participants will be posted in the diary section documenting how we prepare and the subsequent journey. The maps section includes an up-to-date map of our current location (active only on the trip), so even if you can’t physically participate, you can travel virtually along with us. This section also includes our route including the points of interest we’ve planned to see.

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  1. hello…we are also planning to go the AROC convention. We are leaving out of Santa Fe on July 2nd. Don`t know what your progress is going to be. but if you pass our way before we leave. We will be please to open home to you here in Santa Fe for any service you might need and a good home cooked meal.

    • We should be in your area just before the 2nd as we intend to be in the LA on 5th. We may be staying at the El Rey Inn. How is that place?

  2. I’ll be following your trip to California! I’m the chair of the concoroso at AlfaCalifornia, so be sure to say “hi”
    when you arrive!!

  3. been running my GTV hard to see if any problems arise before we head to the coast…..alternator quit, then the reg. went out, smell gas in the garage. put the car up on jack stands, crawled under it and shook the fiber covered fuel line and they tore. replacing every thing fuel related. Owning an Alfa is just as much fun as it was in the 1968…LOL…..just hope your trip is smoooooth !

  4. Once you get to So. Cal – should be no problems the rest of the way. We travel in herds and carry enough tools and spares to rebuild just about anything not tooooo major in an hour or so.

  5. Drive carefully, Andrea and I are not leaving till the morning of July 5th, so if you get up Santa Fe way. Give a call 505.670-4759. The El-Rey Inn will give you the Santa Fe feel, have been told it is pretty nice.

  6. Hallo Hans,
    In je mailbericht gelezen dat je onderweg bent naar Arizona en benieuwd bent naar de types aldaar. Zoals je wellicht gehoord hebt wordt de staat nu geteisterd door bosbranden, vermijd dus deze “vuurduivels” en take care. Grüße, Caroline en Bert

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